About A-Digital

We provide innovative platforms for R&D and manufacturing through our IT services and consulting engagements.

Our Vision

Industrialization of Drug Discovery

A-Digital aims at developing the new digital drug discovery platform that can improve the efficiency of drug discovery over hundredfold from the current state.

We aim to raise the success rate of drug discovery from the current 0.66% to approximately 30% and industrialize the drug discovery process by utilizing our three-pillar platform.


Corporate Profile

Corporate NameA-Digital, Inc.
LocationAtago MORI Tower 21F, 2-5-1 Atago Minato-ku Tokyo, 105-6221 JAPAN
RepresentativeSatoru Iino (President & CEO)
ShareholderAxcelead, Inc. (100%)
Business Discription(1) IT services to improve processes related to R&D and manufacturing
(2) Consulting services to improve efficiency in R&D and manufacturing



Service of CHIPS

A-Digital has taken over the "CHIPS" business from Hitachi High-Tech Corporation in April 2022.
CHIPS (Change into Progressive Space!) is a video visualization service. In 2018, Hitachi High-Tech established a smart factory in Thailand, and has demonstrated that the factory can be operated remotely from Japan using CHIPS.
CHIPS enables visualization of factories through IoT such as webcams and Raspberry Pi(s), and through the use of cloud computing, enables the accumulation, retrieval, and viewing of data that contributes to the formalization of knowledge at the production site.
A-Digital will utilize CHIPS in the industrialization of drug discovery, and will continue to develop CHIPS business services for customers in Japan and overseas, adding further service improvements in turn.

Support remote operation

Video recordings of overseas factories, remote offices, and restricted-entry sites.
Steadily supports remote operations by utilizing the cloud.

No construction required

You can use it as soon as installation of cameras, registration and setting are completed. (Wi-fi, Raspberry Pi and Web-camera needed)

Analyze multi-view video

The images utilize the cloud to accumulate data that contributes to formal knowledge of the production site.
Motion and time analysis enables pass/fail judgment of work processes and business improvement.

Raspberry Pi is a registered trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation