A-Digital will create a truly meaningful database "Intelligence Pond" by using AI to accumulate from the three pillars of drug discovery information.

Structuring "Intelligence Pond"

A-Digital's intrinsic value is based on three pillars: 1.Compound Library data and drug discovery know-how over 30 years inherited from Takeda 2. Best and highest quality drug discovery process data, owned by Axcelead Group 3. All public information on drug discovery from research to clinical trials, and structure for collecting this information in a single database ( "Intelligence Pond"). In particular, 1 and 2 are one and only unique datasource, and the core of A-Digital's technological superiority.

Industrialization of Drug Delivery Process and Personalized Medicine

The innovative AI drug discovery platform by "Intelligence Pond" will increase the success rate of drug discovery by more than 100 times.

Currently, the success rate of drug discovery is only 0.66%. However, utilizing our unique and useful "Intelligence Pond" databace, the success rate will increase to approximately 30%, and the development cost and time will be reduced by half. It will be a innovative platform that will industrialize the drug discovery process.

Drugs will be completely personalized for each individual's disease or future disease potential. The healthy life expectancy of everyone will increase dramatically. This is what A-digital aims to realize for the future.